iamRobP is an independent music artist out of Stamford CT, originally born in Washington Heights in 1992 (90’s baby’s!!) to Dominican immigrant parents. To avoid the violence from the early 90’s in NYC they later relocated north to Stamford, CT where Rob P was raised and attended school. Growing up music was always an influence whether it was Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, or Mami’s cleaning days blasting Ana Gabriel lol, music was always being heard one way or another. Hiphop was introduced early on in elementary school through friends and classmates, artists like 50 Cent and Eminem, were really big then, around that time “In Da Club” had just came out. Eminem and 50 cent were huge musical influences early on introducing Rob P to lyricism, and delivering emotions through music. 

Drawing was Rob P’s first recognized artistic talent since early on, he would always draw Dragonball Z characters, keeping a folder filled with all the sketches like an elementary portfolio of work. Music was always a passion but it was never a thought to perform or create, singing along was good enough.

Journal entries were the first style of writing for Rob P, documenting feelings into a private notebook kept stored away from view of any eyes but his. No songs were ever written, nothing that even rhymed, just anger, sadness, random thoughts, sort of like a venting journal.

Not until many years later into adulthood (mid twenties) that Rob P would embrace his writing ability and take music creation seriously. But before any music could come to life a series of failed relationships swayed Rob P to his notebook again to document his feelings in the form of poetry creating the brand “Here we go Poetry” this time in the notes tab of his iPhone. 

After a while Rob P would question, what if he could turn his poetry and story telling into actual songs, but how? Where would you start, how do you know when you’re done, what would you say, what are the rules to creating a song, do you google it? Many questions of doubt filled his head but as those close to Rob P know he always “figures it out”

Determined to learn he created many bad songs, verses, freestyles working on his self taught craft. Eventually the rhymes got better, song structure was learned, flows got tighter, and the rest was history. Confidence is the name of the game as long as you stay true to you.

As one of the original members of the HIP HOP collaborative EXR$ (also coming out of Stamford CT), Rob P has been able to expand his musical ability introducing new sounds, “Poetic Floetry” with swag, while most importantly keeping originality. Lately he’s been experimenting with his Dominican influences creating songs in full Spanish in the reggae, reggaetón and dancehall genres with much more melodic sounds to come.

What’s next for Rob P? 

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